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Vegeta/Goten blog address [21 Sep 2012|10:35am]

Oops sorry, I forgot to provide the URL of the Vegeta/Goten blog:


(Is my head still attached as well...?)
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New blog: "Fuck yeah! Vegeta x Goten" [21 Sep 2012|10:09am]

Hello. If I'm allowed to post this here, I would like to invite anyone who likes the DBZ yaoi pairing Vegeta/Goten to visit my new Tumblr blog. Here is featured fanfics, fanart & whatnot featuring this pairing & submissions are being accepted of fanfics & fanart, your own or a recommendation. In fact, there is a vast DBZ yaoi community on Tumblr, so do stop by to visit if the spirit moves you! ^_^
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The Cheering Up Meme! [14 Aug 2012|10:27pm]

The Cheering Up Meme!

All Fandoms. All Pairings. Fic & Art Welcome.

Make someone's day!
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Invitation [28 Jul 2012|09:20pm]

If the group owner allows me to post this, I would like to introduce & invite group members to my new community, dbz_fanfics.
The purpose of this new group is to permit writers of DBZ yaoi to ask, give & exchange advice on their fics & how they can improve their writing. I've been all over the web & nowhere can be found people or places who can/will help writers by asking for & giving advice on our writing.
Who better qualified for this than your fellow writers, who read other fanfics all the time?
Here you can get desired advice on your own writing as well as help others writers improve theirs. This new group is really one of a kind, specially targeted for DBZ yaoi, & I wholeheartedly invite any interested writers to visit & hopefully join a very new kind of community!
Saiyansecret, admin.
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Drabble: The Other Gohan [05 Apr 2012|10:58pm]

Title: The Other Gohan
Pairing: One-sided TrunksxGohan (Future)
Rating: PG  
Words: 345
Timeline: Future AU, alludes to events in Future Trunks' timeline
Summary: There is something that Trunks really needs to know...
AN: Quick and angsty drabble inspired by "The History of Trunks" OVA.  Fake cut to my journal.

He knew full well that he should not have done this.
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Two Yaoi Fanfictions: Piccolo/Gohan and Android Seventeen/Trunks [05 Mar 2012|08:15pm]

Title: Bleed Me Dry
xxheartstringsx and Karasuookami (Don) PG-14 to M
Writers: xxheartstringsx (M) and Karasuookami (Don)
Authors' Note: xxheartstringsx (me) plays Gohan, Goku and Karasuookami plays Piccolo, Chichi. Based from an RP
Summary: The Androids are coming, two years before everything they know as 'peace' will crash around them. When the heart sings for it's other half, do you chance the bond in these desperate times? To have the other half of one's soul? It's easy to forget the world's dangers in the wilds...
Warnings: Violence, AU plot but follows closely with canon, bloodkink, masturbation, sex, homosexuality, bondage, orgy, homophobia  (later chapters)
Pairing: Gohan/Piccolo
Read Here or Here

Title: Little Blue Boy
Authors: xxheartstringsx (M) and Karasuookami (Don)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Violence, Course Language, Explicit Sexual Intercourse, Homosexuality, Inter species Relationship, Abuse
Author's Note: We hope you like our roleplay turned fanfic. In this chapter, M plays Android Seventeen and Android Eighteen. Don Nemo plays Trunks.
Summary: The final fight, the one to ease the world of the androids forever. He has the power now, the confidence. Why did he fall for the bait? How did this happen?
Read Here
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Hello all! [18 Feb 2012|09:22am]

I mostly just kind of hang around & observe, but anyone into Goku/Vegeta yaoi may like to visit my 2 sites:

(New blog on Tumblr):

(personal yaoi G x V fanfic journal):

Stop by if the spirit moves you!
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[Fanfic] Solace [12 Jan 2012|10:55am]

DBZ. 1000+ words. Very strong implications of Future!Gohan/Future!Trunks. PG13 for Character Death. Angst. Manga-verse, but if there are any inconsistencies, um, yeah, just think of this as a slight AU. This is for thedeadorchestra for helping me during a difficult time in my life. *hug* 

I wish you were still alive.

Expandread me. )
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[19 Dec 2011|04:00pm]

Hi all! I'm looking for a roleplayer that will consider doing a Piccolo/Gohan rp with myself - I can play either parts. If you're interested leave a comment - thanks! :)
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IMPORTANT : About Boxer & Rice [12 Jul 2011|11:07pm]


I’m sorry if you’re receiving this message more than once, but I wanted to spread this news as much as possible.

This weekend I wanted to update Boxer & Rice which I couldn’t do before because I got major computer problem (my HD burnt). But I discovered the website was under major spambot attack. The number of account had exploded to 6500 and each 24 hours something like 210 new accounts were created.

Those accounts were all fake, and they attempted to post something like 400 messages about cars, Viagra, insurance, loans etc… Thank goodness those message didn’t show up but the situation required extreme measures.

First I installed a new plugin, so when you try to register now you need to answer a test to prove you’re a real person. Basically you need to do a captcha, answering an easy math problem (something like 3*7 = ? ) and give the nth letter of a random word.

Second I pruned most of those 6500 accounts. We’re now around 500 since I only kept 100% safe accounts i.e :

-People who commented on the posts.

I’m totally sorry if you were among the real people who got their account deleted, but it was the sole option I had to stop the attack.

Since I added the plugin Sunday the attack worsened since it blocked almost 700 fake registrations.

So far 17 people managed to create (or recreate) their account. You can do so here.


I’ll try to update Boxer & Rice this weekend with more art including some new pictures for our Kamehasutra. ^_^

Also Boxer & Rice hosting fees are due this December and represents several hundreds of $...

So if you want to help us remaining online you can donate. Even small donations are welcome.


Thank you for reading.

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DragonBall Z Doujinshi Translations [08 Apr 2011|04:52pm]


Looking for translated  DBZ Doujinshi?
Join the group today! :D
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Recent Updates [29 Mar 2011|02:47am]


Boxer & Rice is pleased to report that after our 10th birthday festivities, we kept having regular releases.

So for those who don't check the website often here's what you missed.

#1 We added Facebook "I Like" buttons so you can share with your facebook friends contents from Boxer & Rice that you especially liked.

#2 Today I posted our completed DBZ Gay Kamasutra.

Find out everything about the poses secrets and their fantastic illustrations. The DBZ Kamasutra contains 19 poses and bonuses on Oral sex (fellatio, 69 & deep-throating). Everything you ever wanted to know and illustrated by the best artists (Jhemos, Peruggine, Lara Yokoshima etc...)


#3 We got several new fanfictions


#4 We also got a lot of new fanarts.


So if you can spare a few minutes, our artists and writers would be delighted to read your comments/reviews. They can be found here


#5 We added a couple of cool fan made dbz comics for your enjoyment.


If you want trade links with us please leave a comment there.


If you want to help us keeping the website alive and active you can go there


I hope you'll enjoy our updates and spread the word around you.
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Boxer & Rice 10th birthday [11 Feb 2011|05:22pm]

It is with deepest pride and emotion that I'm launching the celebrations for Boxer & Rice tenth birthday.

Ten long years providing you the best in Gohan/Trunks fanfictions, fanart, doujinshi scanlations and even official art. Today we're celebrating a decade of fun, of comments and dedication. May our community celebrate another decade. But enough with the long boring speech, it wouldn't be a birthday without presents.

First, as promised I uploaded 68 high quality scans from the 2010 Dragon Ball Artbook "The Golden Warrior".

Here's a sample


You can find them all here


Second a special 16 pages color comics/dj made specialy for Boxer & Rice birthday. It's title "Gravity Room's Secrets Revealed!!!"


Third several new stories (Pass/Fail, The Wolfpack, Strip It, His Teacher=


Last but not least over 20 new fanarts. Including special art group project "Dragon Ball Z Kai Gay Kamasutra"

Here's a hot sample by Lara Yokoshima


You can find them here


Please note that some are rated NC-17 and are therefore for members only. You can see them by either registering or login .

On this special birthday, it'd really make me very happy if you repaid us by commenting on the goodies.

Thanks for reading and Long life to Gohan/Trunks fans.
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Appetizers while waiting Boxer&Rice's bday [07 Feb 2011|12:19pm]


Boxer and Rice's birthday is slowly drawing nearer. Can you believe this friday it'll be our tenth anniversary?

As I said in my previous messages contributions in story and art are still welcome and if you've problem to post them on the website you can contact me and I'll solve your problem.

Also I want to thanks the people who actually started commenting on the website, it's really motivating the artists/writers and they're usually replying. I say usually because if you're commenting on something very old there's odds the person left the fandom now . So all the more reasons for commenting and making the active members stay. Sooner or later we'll be hit by the Dragon Ball Kai wave and when it happens our golden age will return. Therefore we must keep Boxer & Rice as alive and friendly as possible.

Now it's time for me to present you the appetizers.


Last night I posted three messages in the encyclopedia section. They contains top quality scans of the various Dragon Ball Artbook. It represents more than 80 pictures. Some are almost never been seen on the internet. And as soon as I receive my Dragon Ball The Golden Warrior Artbook, I'll add more post and share the new and unseen illustration. The Golden Warrior was released in 2010 and it contains lot of new official art.

I hope you'll enjoy the hardwork, because scanning those page like this wasn't a piece of cake. Boxer & Rice always take prides in providing the best whether it is fanwork or official work.
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Upcoming Major Event [29 Jan 2011|02:01pm]

This year 11th February won't be an ordinary birthday for Boxer and Rice. We're reaching an important milestone. This year it's our tenth birthday. A decade providing Gohan/Trunks goodness for free ;-)

So of course I've planned several surprises. But I thought I'd ask you for contributions. If you can draw something or write a nice truhan story to celebrate that it'll be an even better birthday.

And if you've trouble to post you can contact me here or on the website. I'll solve your problem.

Spread the word Boxer and Rice is alive and kicking and although I didn't have time to post advertisement here I did several major updates on the website. There's new stories, fanart and doujinshis. Don't forget NC-17 or X stuff are invisible if you're not logged in.


http://gohanxtrunks.net/2011/01/19/divorce-papers-2/ <-- Not found

And yet it's there


So don't forget to log in and also pretty please if you could comment on the art, stories and doujinshi, that's really help keeping people motivated.

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[03 Jan 2011|02:02am]

Does anyone know where i can find some Kaka & Vege pics ? thanksss.
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Just Joined [25 Jun 2010|09:36pm]
 Hello everyone, I'm Kathy, just joined, so just saying Hello. Oh, and I'm a fan if Trunks/Goten and Goku (Kakarot)/Vegeta.
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Looking for a DBZ Beta [13 Nov 2009|09:31pm]

I want to sharpen my DBZ writing skills and am currently looking for betas. I really need help with characterzation. As of right now, I only want to write drabbles. Pairings will vary; I will write both het and slash. If you're interested, please leave me a comment here at my lj!


MODS: If this is not an acceptable post, you may delete it.

This message will be x-posted to various DBZ communities.
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The Golden Saiyan (fic) [06 Oct 2009|07:49pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello, I go by BlackDeath and I just wanted to share a piece of fanfiction I have been working on for some time with this community. I love all things DBZ--especially if they are yaoi.

Please read and review if you enjoy this fic. Well, even if you don't, please read and review.


Black Death

<a href="http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5234401/1/The_Golden_Saiyan/"></a>

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Doujinshi Scanlation Release (August #1) [01 Aug 2009|06:00pm]


Boxer & Rice's team is proud to present you its doujinshis releases for August.

Read more...Collapse )
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DRABBLE: Chastity (Piccolo/Gohan) [30 Jul 2009|11:32am]

Title: Chastity
Author: mahmfic
Beta: None
Fandom: Dragon Ball Z
Pairing(s): Piccolo/Gohan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash. Gohan's underage.
Notes: This is for sheena_bandy's birthday (sorry I'm a bit late)! She requested me to write a fluffy Piccolo/Gohan fic that took place after the Cell Games.
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z
Summary: Piccolo wants to take their relationship to the next step.
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Doujinshi Scanlation Release (July #2) [15 Jul 2009|07:05pm]


Boxer & Rice's team is proud to present you its doujinshis releases for July.

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Doujinshi Scanlation Release (July) [01 Jul 2009|04:34pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]


Boxer & Rice's team is proud to present you its doujinshis releases for July.

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Lotsa drabbles [03 Mar 2009|09:28am]

Dragonball shounen-ai/yaoi drabbles done for the challenge at ficlets100. All ratings, warnings, etc are given in each piece.

All under the cut...Collapse )
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NEW Fanfic Contest [01 Jan 2009|10:35pm]

To celebrate the New Year and Boxer & Rice's upcoming Eighth Anniversary, we are proud to announce Boxer & Rice is organizing a new Truhan Fanfic Contest with Prizes.

The stories with the most captivating plots and the best writing style will be awarded an illustration by a professional artist. Please note there isn't a predetermined amount of prizes, it will all depend on the quality of the stories and the amount of stories received.

Without further ado here are the Truhan Fanfic Contest Rules.

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Question [27 Dec 2008|01:19pm]


Someone asked me when I'll do another truhan (Gohan/Trunks) fanfic contest. So I wondered how many would be interested here in taking part in one.

I thought we could do it for celebrating Boxer & Rice's 8th bday.

There would be illustrations of the best stories as prize.

Also would you prefer an open topic with just only a minimum amount of words required, or a single but more specific topic(like best lemon, or best romance, or best first time etc...).

Lastly how many time would you want for submitting your stories? 2 or 3 months? More?

Thank you for your input.
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NEW DBZ OVA for free till 31st January 2009 [24 Nov 2008|01:49pm]

If you wanna see the new ova which was released for the Jump Fiesta and based on a script by Akira Toriyama you can watch it for free there.


All you've to do is download Jump Manga browser by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page "DOWNLOAD BROWSER". Install it and then you can click on "Watch this anime".

Enjoy but hurry up. After the 31st January you'll have to pay to watch it.
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The following Fanfiction may be discontinued (x-posted) [10 Nov 2008|06:48pm]

Now before you sigh and go 'not another one', no I am not leaving the DBZ community. Neither am I going to quit writing any stories that are "popular". I was updating my DBC site with the 10 Hugs Challenge from DeviantArt, when I realized there are some stories I am likely not going to publish.

So here is my plan. I will have a poll here to decide which should go and which stay. All the stories will be moved to a new page with a disclaimer that they are being voted on. This page is here.

Basically what I'm saying is I've looked over things and can't decide which stories would be safe to quit so I can focus on the other stories I should be completing. So I am asking for your help. I ask for your help because each of these stories was done by me for you. You guys are the ones that will keep me writing. You guys are the ones that keep me writing. So it's up to you which I shall continue. Don't worry, I won't purge me computer of this stuff. I might even look back and go 'hey, I can do that now', so your vote won't mean the complete death of the story.

There are some WIPs that will not be stopped because I love them personally and know where they are heading specifically.

Now...onto the polls.

Poll #1294960 Vote for what you want to stay/continue.
This poll is closed.

Which of these unposted stories would you like to see?

A Father's Pride
War Drums
Love Me When I'm Gone

Which of these stories that needs rewritten do you want to see?

Wherever You Will Go
Buried Alive
Don't rerwrite either one, just put them up.

Which of these works in progress do you want to see continued?

Love of Possession
Unexplainable Choices
Whispers of a Banshee
Dimensions of You
The Christmas Capers

I know, some of the WIPs might be surprising. And a lot of them are het. Many of you know I moved on from het a long time ago. I tried to do both, but it was hard. :P No idea why really. I am willing to continue ones that are long-standing like Dimensions of You.
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[21 Oct 2008|11:13am]

For the fans.

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