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Yaoi Love

Yaoi Love With Dbz
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This community is then only one of mine that has thrived to ne honest. I want to keep it the way its going, it seems like people like it a lot. And I'm trying my best to keep it up and running smoothly.

Its all about the Yaoi, so remember, No yuri at all.

See the sister community for that dbz_yuri. Brand new and all shiny ^__^

You can include the women in your fics by all means. So the rules are really simple, at least i hope they are.

All that we ask is that:

1) You make an introductory post

2) When you post a fic you have to warn what it entails

3) If making icons, LJ cuts are required (Which i bet you guessed)

4) If you found a piece of art whilst Trawling through the net and you like the way it looked feel free to post it, but credit is required!

Basically, if you follow the rules (even though they're really basic) everyone will be happy, and if you dont follow the rules i bet i'll forget ... Uhhh.

.Dbz Yaoi is Love

By hara_karikitty

If you want to join us!! Click People!!


.Visit Us, Lavender Saiyan.net

By hara_karikitty